A Brand New Day!

Hello all, and welcome to Addiction Central.  This is a blog for everyone afflicted with an addiction disorder.  Is addiction a disease? We’ll find out. Can someone ever actually be recover(ed)? We’ll find out that as well.  This is the place to come for answers, and is brought to you by Mordechai Kashuk and The Mental Mechanics; the same people who bring you http://www.finallygrowingup.com

We can help you overcome your addiction.  This blog will be made up of post containing both my personal experiences, and how the resolved themselves, and practical advice for how to handle things as simple as hard days, which can be extremely not simple!

We thank you for joining us, and hope you leave here feeling a whole heck of a lot better than you did when you arrived!!!


Mordechai Kashuk – The Mental Mechanics


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