What I Do

I have, because of my victory over Addiction, had the privilege of working with many individuals 18 years of age and older, who are afflicted with this disorder.

I work one on one with these individuals, in their own homes, or various other therapeutic locations whichever is more comfortable for them.

I use certain, out of the box, generally non-medicinal techniques to improve, and often relieve all together, the fears that underlay, and perpetuate this condition.

However, on occasion, symptoms may be so severe that a psychiatrist need be consulted.

I will fully assist you in finding the right match that is excellent and covered by your Cupah (Health Insurance Provider).

I would love to help you live a happier life, a life where you are in control of this condition and NOT the other way around.

In addition, I am available for lectures at various centers that have in their attendance, or work Addiction afflicted people.

I also conduct workshops that help people learn exactly what this disorder is, and how it can be helped, and treated.

Please feel free to leave me a message on the “About Me / Contact Me” page, or in the “Leave a Reply” box below. I will certainly get back to you within 24 hours. Be”H

I look forward to helping you and/or yours get the help required.

And, of course, I work on a sliding scale.

For contact information, please see the section entitled “About Me / Contact Me”.

Thank you.


Mordechai Kashuk


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